Produce Show and Open Day 2022

The 6th Annual Produce Show and Open Day took place on Saturday 3 September 2022, 1pm to 5pm. The weather was good, just one summery shower.

Activities on the day included:

  • produce show and plot holder of the year competition
  • children’s drawing competition
  • refreshments and cakes
  • ice cream van (free ice cream for all visitors)
  • charity sale of home-made jams, preserves and produce
  • outdoor games

View the winners and runners-up  in the Plot Holder of the Year competition

List of the winners in the produce show

Photos from the day

2022 Show prize giving
Happily surprised plot holder steps forth to receive prize rosette from the chairman of the association.
Show judge Mariana, who cultivates a plot on the Stockwood Park site, is shouldering her responsibilities with great care and attention – here she is scrutinising a cluster of sprouts closely.
Refreshment tent
Lots of things to sort out before kick-off at 1pm. Janet at work setting up in the refreshment marquee. Will there be plenty of the divine lemon drizzle cake this year too?
Icecream van
Popular treat this year. Free ice cream for all!
Show table
The show tables in the main marquee were rapidly filling up with entries.
Potatoes and onions
Lots of very good looking entries in the potato category this year. The long summer drought had not affected the quality of the tubers. Very handsome onions too.
Some fine beans lining up to take up their positions on the show table. The ‘Plot Holder of the Year’ shield is getting a look-in in he bottom right corner.
A basket full of vegetables
An impressive basket of vegetables eagerly waiting to take their places on the show tables. Elephant garlic looking particularly elegant.
Beetroot and corn
Beetroot and sweetcorn posing for the judge.
Ugliest vegetable
Carrots always do very well in the ‘Ugliest Vegetable’ category. Small carrot won first prize this year. Well deserved. A fine specimen.
Butternut squash and cucumbers
Four very muscular butternut squashes – ideal for use as dumbbells. The scaly round veg that looks a bit like a sad hedgehog is a Cucumis sativus, affectionally known as ‘Little Potato Cucumber’.
Proud grower with a shapely bottle gourd and plump round gourd. Obvious prize winners!
Refreshment area
Brisk business in the refreshment area. The lemon drizzle cake sold out quickly, as expected.
Cornthrow game
Cornthrow game in progress. Will blue beanbag whizzing through air land in the hole? Barbie dolls have chosen a precarious spot for a rest.
Oops – blue beanbag misses hole and lands on the reclining Barbie dolls.
The home made cake category flanked by entries in the ‘vase of mixed flowers’ and ‘single rose’ sections.

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