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WhatsApp Community Guidelines

  1. The group is for everyone who works a plot at the Stockingstone Road Allotment Association. 
  2. It lets the committee and plot-holders share information about important allotment-related things quickly and helps us support each other in our gardening work. 
  3. Stick to the purpose of the group. Examples: lost and found items, security alerts, sharing surplus produce, plants, tools or materials. 
  4. If you have a one-on-one conversation with another plot holder in this group, switch to a private conversation. The same applies to organising bulk orders – once you have your participants, take them into a separate group.
  5. Do not use the group to accuse anyone or air individual grievances. Discuss any issues directly with the other person, or contact a committee member for support
  6. Unless there is an emergency, post comments at a reasonable time of day. 

In short, before you post, ask yourself: 

  • Is it relevant to everyone? 
  • Is it polite?
  • Is it necessary? 
  • Is it a good time to post? 

(Updated 14/04/2023)