Winners in the 2019 show

Class Section 1st 2nd 3rd
  A: Vegetables      
1 Potatoes, 5 of any type Kevin Majid John
2 Onions, 3 from set or seed Chris Mr Ali Graham/Natalie
3 0nion, 1 heaviest Chris Graham
4 Tomato, 1 heaviest Majid Mr Ali
5 Tomatoes, one dish of 8 under 1.5” diameter Majid Angela Chris
6 Carrots, one dish of 3 Majid Chris Graham
7 Courgettes, 3 with a maximum length of 8” Gill W Angela Kevin
8 Runner beans, one dish of 5 Angela George The Browns
9 Runner bean, longest Kevin W Chris Geoff
10 French bean, one dish of 7 Phylis Sara Chris
11 Sweetcorn, 2 cobs Raymond Phylis Majid
12 Beetroot, one dish of 3 Majid Chris The Browns
13 Cucumber, 1 of any type Angela Majid Mr Ali
14 Squash, 2 of any type Chris Phylis George
15 Pumpkin largest Majid Chris The Browns
16 Capsicum, 2 sweet peppers Chris Majid
17 Ugliest vegetable Phylis Mr Ali
18 Exotic vegetable Majid Gill W Mr Ali
B: Flowers
1 Gladioli, 3 spikes Chris
2 Rose, 1 bloom any type Gill A Chris
3 Vase of mixed flowers Gill A Gill W Sara
D: other stuff
1 Cake, any type of handmade cake Janet Angela Gill A
2 Pot of jam, any variety Janet Sam Phylis
3 Jar of chutney, any type John Gill W Gill A
4 Soft fruit, one plate of 12 Elisabeth Janet Graham
Plot Holder
of the Year
Majid Chris Gill W